AFFECTUS CHOREIA – Project for the new bioart exhibition

Project for the new bioart exhibition

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This exhibition appear from the need of creation of language for art connecting multimedia nature of art in the new permanent ritual of life as perpetuum mobile. I would like to show the new aesthetic cathegory like affect on the field of fine arts and perform the new art reality – not only new art concept. I would like to create bio-electro-active space where viewers-users will join to the structure of art as life.

BioArt in my opinion is based on aesthetic triada EFFECT – D-EFFECT – AFFECT where first is traditional relation between author and his work, second is based on technological distance between author and work where defect is something desired by author as technological gesture, and last one is a dream of many artists that were creating images, it is situation where author is running the process of artworks life, or other words designing life, and he can understand artwork by the observation of the affects, not only by the interpretation. So in this situation the most interesting for me is to see the affects of life defined so broadly as we can.

2013-01-25 17.03.49

Implementation of the Affect into the recent aesthetic is so important as definition of art after the bioart revolution. We had not so many points with so powerful revolutionary value for the history of art. We can see this kind of scale changes for example in the ancient history when the arts appeared from Choreia. Or when the painting and sculpture was disconnected from the architecture. Maybe it is even more important because these forms existed previously in the different environment. BioArt is based on conceptualism and digital art, but it is revolutionary new area. Area of Post-art, introduction for the new book, new vision of art from the non-human perspective. The BioArt will introduce the completely new, but preexisted as dream, subject of art, as inspiration well known in media archeology by the myth of golem, or mechanical nightingale of J. Ch. Andersen.


In my art the key role plays finding connections between other structures of the living systems. Like between unconscious movements of the body, movements of the microorganisms, or electromagnetic activity of the body, or skin reactions with the conscious mind by the art fields like music or video. I would like to connect the performative arts like music with the painting, video, installation. Create the new ritual like Choreia. So connotation with the Choreia are welcome also like connotations with affective body reaction in Chorea.

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Michał Brzeziński - transhumanistic, and biosemiotic artist working with fauna flora and micro world, searching for affective language and life origins in matter, using medical media as EEG, GSR, USG interested in transspecies affective communication and sexual interfaces. Combining software and video biology. Creator of Galeria NT (2010). His wide, theory based, artistic and curatorial activity had animated theoretical discourse touching experimental film and video art as independent a-historical and matter-oriented aesthetic area. Curator working with galleries such as the Museum of Art in Łódź, Center for Contemporary Art Łaźnia in Gdańsk.

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