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The main problem I was developed in the years of my art activity is the relation of the technology-science and person-body-identity in cultural environment. In the latst years I was exploring post-human and non-human cultures trying to build bridges on technological platforms using affect as interspecies language. First decade was devoted to video and vido-identity problem. Nowadays the medium of my art is life as interactive, software based computing installations combined with popular lifeforms. Transspecies affective communication had led me to inventing new transspecies sexual interfaces and DIY medical media (EEG, GSR, USG). The field of my research expands recent definitions of life on the field of minerals and spiritual world.



JĘZYK CIAŁA // BODY LANGUAGE Instalacja Afektywna 2015 Michał Brzeziński & WRO Art Center The bioelectric affects are forming a subjective...

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Afektywne sygnały jakie generuje nasze ciało mogą być interpretowane w setkach o ile nie tysiącach różnych kanałów informacyjnych. Każde pasmo...


Dreams of egg and meat

INSTALLATION // PERFORMANCE // WORKSHOP Let the chicken egg speak to us. Let the dead animal tissue speak and play...



Affective interaction through homemade EEG system using biosemiotic signals are using to generate visual dada poetry. Transspecies interaction is a...

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manifest: ZOEKRACJA

Tekst dotyczy projektu pierwszych transgatunkowych wyborów… Bądźmy szczerzy. Ilość miejsca do życia na ziemi jest ograniczona. Nie każda istota, która...


Flora Ballet

The idea of the artwork is based on reversed usage of the plants by the humanity when the plants are...