Embodied Poetry – biosemiotic body art performance of affective poetry

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During this show I will create embodied poetry – using my software as I did with plants before. The computer will read aloud word and my body will react on them, next in the reversed process my body reaction will be interpreted by the software I created backward into the words. The feedback will let my body learn how to use words without my nervous system. The only difference will be the contrast of my consciousness and my body, tissues communication. We will be able to find how the learning process appears, and how the vocabulary is constructed by the other organs. We will investigate how my will and brain will try to catch the reactions of my skin and use it for dialog. I will show the two “my-self” in my one body, and how digital environment can be able to create multi-subjective bodies, multi tasked and multi subjective. How my single body will use this other, new functionality of the system. I will try to document this process and find explanation for my body verbal activity.




Michał Brzeziński - transhumanistic, and biosemiotic artist working with fauna flora and micro world, searching for affective language and life origins in matter, using medical media as EEG, GSR, USG interested in transspecies affective communication and sexual interfaces. Combining software and video biology. Creator of Galeria NT (2010). His wide, theory based, artistic and curatorial activity had animated theoretical discourse touching experimental film and video art as independent a-historical and matter-oriented aesthetic area. Curator working with galleries such as the Museum of Art in Łódź, Center for Contemporary Art Łaźnia in Gdańsk.

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