Video in Progress 3: Fields of the Performative

Video in Progress 3: Fields of the Performative
May 18-21, 2010
Cultural & Educational Centre – Vortex, Skopje, Macedonia

Video in Progress 3: Fields of the Performative

Video in Progress 3: Fields of the Performative

Curated by: KOLEKTIVA

Participating artists:
4! (PL), Giuseppe Di Bella (UK), Sheila Bishop (USA), Elena Bellantoni (I/D), Marek Brandt (D), Michał Brzeziński (PL), Sérgio Cruz (PT/UK), Chris Dupuis (CA), A. Jacob Galle (USA), Silvia Giambrone (I/D), Aldo Giannotti (I/A) & Viktor Schaider (A), Aldo Giannotti (I/A) & Stefano Giuriati (I/D), Clara Games (PT), G.R.A.M.(A), Nilbar Güreş (TR/A), Marianne Holm Hansen (DK/UK), Francis Hunger (D), Isidora Ilić (SR), Željko Jančić Zec (A), Lemeh42 (I), Gerwin Luijendijk (NL), Ignacio Martín de la CruzBárbara Ba?uelos Ojeda (ES),Ljiljana Mihaljević (CRO/USA), Luisa Mizzoni aka luxi luEmilio Corti (I), Eugenio Percossi (I/CZ), Maria Petschnig (A/USA), Zoran Poposki (MK), Gastón Ramírez Feltrín (MX/I), Nuno Rodrigues de Sousa (PT), Mauro Romito (I), JoshuaZachary Sandler (USA), Peter Simon (PL/D), Evelin Stermitz (A/SI), Ljupcho Temelkovski(MK), Attila Urbán (SE), Volante (PT/MX/UK), Jonas Zagorskas (LT/PL), Wojtek Ziemilski (PL)

Cultural & Educational Centre – Vortex from Skopje is hosting the exhibition Video in Progress 3: Fields of the Performative


The exhibition will consist of video-DVD library of all 46 videos included in VIP3 and screening of selected videos.

VIP3 Selected Videos Screening:

  • Maria Petschnig, Kip Masker, 2007, 3?25?
  • Chris Dupuis, The Bathroom Project, 2008, 5?08?
  • Željko Jančić Zec, The Second Man, 2008, 3?22?
  • Joshua & Zachary Sandler, You?re Gonna Go Bald, 2009, 2?26?
  • Attila Urbán, Quiet, 2008, 4?56?
  • Gerwin Luijendijk, You surround me, and cover me protect me and caress me with that special simple love, 2009, 4?06?
  • Luisa Mizzoni aka luxi lu & Emilio Corti, Mohenjo-Daro, 2008, 5?42?
  • Aldo Giannotti & Viktor Schaider, A Rewinding Journey, 2005, 11?16?

More about the exhibition

Contact info:


Cultural & Educational Centre – Vortex
Mobile Number: +389 78 449 709
Current Address: ul. Gjuro Gjakovik, br. 25 / 2nd floor, 1000 Skopje, Macedonia

More images from VIP3 in Vortex




Michał Brzeziński - transhumanistic, and biosemiotic artist working with fauna flora and micro world, searching for affective language and life origins in matter, using medical media as EEG, GSR, USG interested in transspecies affective communication and sexual interfaces. Combining software and video biology. Creator of Galeria NT (2010). His wide, theory based, artistic and curatorial activity had animated theoretical discourse touching experimental film and video art as independent a-historical and matter-oriented aesthetic area. Curator working with galleries such as the Museum of Art in Łódź, Center for Contemporary Art Łaźnia in Gdańsk.

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