Re: REFERENDUM @ New Media Gallery CROATIA

opening on February 10th 2012

We all live in the TINA (There Is No Alternative) political time. Lie that was often repeated by Margaret Thatcher in the 80-ties about the neo liberalism is now transformed into a brutal EU faction. In TINA political time there is actually no time for understanding the process, it is automated and implemented largely outside society hidden in endless paragraphs. The only remnant that remains when TINA is divided with civil rights is actually the freedom of citizens whether to decide, to vote; to go out well-dressed on a referendum / festival of democracy and to elect. Since we all are in TINA political time, the question whether the Croatian citizens will also give legitimacy to the EU, is superfluous, because the answer already exists in an automated process of the infinite paragraphs.
Exhibition Re: REFERENDUM questions how TIA (There Is Alternative) works, what are its mechanisms, mental triggers, asks how is it possible. Exhibition Re: REFERENDUM is a ride on the line TINA-TIA in which we question the fragile border crossing, the overcoming of automaticity, of subversion as a message between the lines as well as subversion as direct action, reaction, and act.

Boris & Natasha Kadin, curators


Cristina Amiran and Khalil Charif (Brasil): Souvenir, 4:59, video art

Selma Banich (Croatia): Woman (32) interprets the Treaty of Lisbon, durational performance

Gildo Bavchevicz (Croatia): Coins, mixed media art

Sarah Boothroyd (Canada): Power and Freedom, sound art

Igor Bošnjak (BiH): Anatomy Lesson, 4:22, animation

Michal Brzezinski (Poland): Dust, 13:30, postvideoart

Marijan Crtalić (Croatia): Euro integrations, art action

EUpatrids (Croatia): EU pionir_return, musical performance

Petar Grimani (Croatia): Der Fernseher, installation

Raul Gschrey (Germany): Oskar, 4:19, video art

Francis Hunger (Germany): History Exhaustion, 3 channel video installation

Natasha Kadin (Croatia): Miss EU, video / installation

Božidar Katić (Croatia): Cry!, installation

Alem Korkut (Croatia): 2012., installation

Marko Marković (Croatia): Every Marko Marković works it wrong, and our Marko Marković works it bad and wrong, art action / mixed media art

Dalibor Martinis (Croatia): IF YES, installation

Tara Najd Ahmadi (Iran / USA): Measuring the Level of Resistance, 4:18, hand painted 16 mm film

Jason Nelson (USA): With Love from a Failed Planet, net art / interactive prose poetry

Tanja Ostojić (Serbia / Germany): Untitled / After Courbet (L


There is
Exhibition Re: REFERENDUM takes place in the times that limit an individual?s freedom with various censorship laws (ACTA, SOPA), times of economic crises, in which the neoliberal paradigm of having no alternative ? is becoming increasingly deflated. The selected artists detect this large deflating body in their artwork, the body of capital, the body of the institution, the body of law, in focusing on various alternatives. They create new body politics, a new relation and attitude toward the basic contracts of our society, new utopias, new hymns, new feminisms, new media. This newness comes in form of missiles returned to society, this is a Re: that makes demands of itself, perpetuating itself through public, socially engaging topics thus creating the boomerang effect, it exits the cave to set its eyes upon Plato?s sun filled with logotypes, paragraphs, annexes, contracts, dividends. Exhibition Re: REFERENDUM is a ride on the line between TINA and TIA which serves to question the fragile border of crossing, overcoming automatisms, subversion as a message between the lines and subversion as a direct action. Twenty five possible lines by twenty five artists who, even though they work in different media, have a common thread in their works which is their transgression into the public and the attitude that THE POLITICAL IS PERSONAL. Strategies employed by these artists are interactive, integrational lines of possible alternatives. I am here to interpret the Lisbon Treaty for you. I am here (in video) and I would like to play. I am here and I am a sling. I am (not) pornography. I am here and I am miss EU. I am here and we are spare change. I am here and we are candles. I am here and we are the sound of demonstrations. I am here and I am putting up a poster on the wall. I am here and I am sending e-mails about blackmail. I am here and I am a naked doll in front of a shop-window. I am here and I am an interactive interface. I am here and I was memory. I am here and I am an exhausted history. I am here and I am untitled. I am here and I am a sound bomb. I am here and I am a failed planet. I am here and I do it wrong. I am here and I am measuring the degree of resistance. I am the interruption of broadcasting. I am a bird, I am a cage. I am a flag. I am electro. I am reading the second page of the catalogue. I am Selma Banich, Sandra Sterle, Alem Korkut, Tanja Ostojić, Natasha Kadin, Gildo Bavčević, Dalibor Martinis, Sarah Boothroyd, Marijan Crtalić, Marko Marković, Goran Ristić, Jürgen Trautwein, Michał Brzeziński, Igor Bošnjak, Raul Gschrey, Francis Hunger, Jason Nelson, Petar Grimani, Tara Najd Ahmadi, DADAnti, Kasia Pagowska, Ozren Čulić, EUpatrids, Benjamin Rosenthal…we are all of You. We are the curators Natasha and Boris Kadin. We are the New Media Gallery in Split. Welcome…




Michał Brzeziński - transhumanistic, and biosemiotic artist working with fauna flora and micro world, searching for affective language and life origins in matter, using medical media as EEG, GSR, USG interested in transspecies affective communication and sexual interfaces. Combining software and video biology. Creator of Galeria NT (2010). His wide, theory based, artistic and curatorial activity had animated theoretical discourse touching experimental film and video art as independent a-historical and matter-oriented aesthetic area. Curator working with galleries such as the Museum of Art in Łódź, Center for Contemporary Art Łaźnia in Gdańsk.

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