Łączenie kropek – transgatunkowizm, afektywne interakcje, biosemiotyka i biocentryzm

Transgatunkowism – the attitude of crossing the boundaries between man and species of fauna, flora, fungi using technological interfaces to connect our nervous systems with earth and cosmic energies.

Transgatunkowizm (transspeciesism) containing core “speciesism” through it refers to Nazism because idea of transspeciesism as to exclude other species had to refer to Nazism that divided people into races as we are dividinf life forms into species. No other forms of life share the same categories of protected species and species removed from the protection of which is a material natural resources (as seen Jews was natural resources for recycling in Nazi ideology) created the concept of speciesism. For this all transgatunkowizm covers the range of meaning, and is a positive idea, and totalitarian utopia of New Transspecies Order.

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BIRKENAU @ Michal Brzezinski: LIVING DEAD - Galeria EL

Affective Market and social importance of Dendrophilia


Recent art deals with key issues as affect, transspecies communication and integration of other life forms with the bios (in opposition to zoe – unprotected life). With every year more and more animals and also plants is crossing the borderline of valuable life. Dogs, cats, and other species like dolphins can get the big part of civil rights for their life protection, so even if they are not aware of it they are non-human person, what means personal position. In the same time we have people who are dealing with human life as something what can be devaluing by the reason of habitus, mind performance and quality of production. We are asking about the moment when sperm and egg became new youth, new person. This kind of questions are dream background for each artist to play with. This time is the time of myth creation and we need to participate in it. Transspecies society is appearing in our eyes, and old borders are redefined. Love as something most intensive and sexuality as its embodied activity are the root of the discourse. Continue reading

expanded life definition - Michal Brzezinski

Background for art and animals practice

I would like to share with you some background for my recent art activity where aesthetical value will join the scientific research over the matter of transspecies communication where brain will be discussed as a optional cental communication unit that does not exist in plants consciousness. The net of multibiocultural communication creates organism and central nervous system can be built on several different ways dependent on necessary relation of organism and environmental changes. I need to use animals as part of my art activity and scientific research but the law now is against private experiments with using animals as tools also like for the art purpose. Continue reading

biosemiotic affective art


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